about Soda Canyon

Soda Canyon is an innovative alternative rock band, playing an eclectic range of compelling songs, built around engaging vocals over captivating rhythms, and performed by some of the Napa Valley’s most seasoned musicians.


Soda Canyon begins with Singer Songwriter David Kearney-Brown’s large catalog of rich and eclectic original songs, with infectious rhythms.  Leads and enchanting strumming guitar work are intuitively intertwined as only long time creating brothers can do, by David and James Brown.

Soda Canyon’s music is underpinned by the deep pocket, enriching solos, and beautiful runs by bassist James Mattox’s stunning bass work.

David Hight on drums creates just the right rhythmic backdrop to the entire range of David Kearney-Brown’s eclectic music, and along with percussionist John Hannaford play to the music, capturing and weaving the rich warm texture of the rhythmic strumming that brings the songs to life.  All the music and vocals are then overlayed by the amazing and expressive lyrical tones of saxophonist Keith Blocher.  The sum of their parts,  is Soda Canyon

Pic of James 2

James Mattox, Bass

James Mattox was a navy brat, born in Virginia. Musically he started out as a bass player for Metalworx with Nick Okerlund and Clark Faville. From then, he went on to learn cello and upright bass. Recording music with the likes of Scott Holderby

(Mordid) and Dave Tweedie and Charles Sterling Jr.
James performed in a classic rock quartet for well over ten years from 2007 to 2018… tall shadows.
One things for certain, James knows how to play a bass..

David Kearney-Brown, Vocals, Guitar and Trombone

A singer-songwriter for the last 4 plus decades who found poetry too hard, he has been playing, singing and writing for most of his life, solo and in divers bands.  He is honored to be playing with this group of exceptional musicians.  

David Hight, Drums

David Hight, drummer and percussionist with over 40 years of performance experience in rock, jazz latin and world music.

John Hannaford, Percussion

John began his journey in bands at 13. In high school and college he was the kit drummer in two professional bands, first Natural Selection, later Amber Whine. Both created original material and became an opening act for many of the SF Bay Areas most legendary groups, at many of the Bay Areas most venerable venues. Later Switching over to hand drums, and founding OM-i, joining Akanthos, and founding Cosmos Percussion Orchestra (now Cosmos Elektric). Playing at celebrated Festivals, legendary venues/clubs; both headlining and opening for some of the biggest national touring bands. Joining Soda Canyon is a crowing joy, the music is original, captivating, eclectic, and joyful. The band’s musicianship is stellar, I love being a part of this amazing group

Keith Blocher, Sax

Keith Blocher is an accomplished musician, adding soulful and rich melodies that reflect strains of jazz, classical and rock.

James Brown, Guitar and vocals

James has been playing in bands since his teenage days.  He has delved into many different genres of music, developing a unique and varied style that adds beautiful texture to the Soda Canyon sound.